Tellers Report – New National Board Directors

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is happy to announce that 94.5% of Professional Members voting in the AMTA National Board Election approved the slate of new board directors to take office on March 1, 2018. The new or returning board members will be Christine Bailor-Goodlander (NY), Angela Barker (WV), Michaele Colizza (RI), Patricia Phillips (WA) and Scott Raymond (CT). They will join five continuing Board Directors – Steven Albertson (IL), Christopher Deery (PA), Kimberly Kane-Santos (PA), Ed Sansbury (NC) and LaDonna Ward (AL) – for FY 2018-19. On March 1, 2018, President-Elect Joan Nichols of Georgia will become AMTA President and current President, Dolly Wallace (MI) will continue on the Board as Immediate-Past President.

The Board of Directors sets the direction for AMTA and its commitment to advancing the massage therapy profession. The slate process and election allow the association to best ensure that board members have the skills and knowledge to direct AMTA as it continues its rapid growth, and have the choice ratified by the membership.

“It’s wonderful to see so many of our members taking interest in electing our National Board,” said AMTA President Dolly Wallace. “Our membership continues to increase and our Board provides the kind of teamwork and volunteer commitment that make AMTA the most trusted name in the profession. I want to thank members for their participation.”

Tellers Report

  • Total Number of Eligible Professional Member Voters – 65,976
  • Total Number of Voters – 4,513
  • Percentage of Eligible Voters Participating – 6.8%
  • Percentage of Voters Approving the Board Slate – 94.5%