AMTA-Funded Research Indicates Massage Can Assist Para-Cyclists in Competition

Research Shows Massage Impacts Recovery, Training and Flexibility of Elite Para-athletes

Research on the value of massage therapy for elite para-cyclists has been published for open access online by the British Medical Journal: Sport & Exercise Medicine.

Funded by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) through Team Roger C. Peace, the research followed the impact of massage therapy on para-cyclists as they trained and competed in national and international events including the 2016 Summer Paralympic games in Rio.

The research indicates massage therapy helps para-cyclists recover quicker, train harder, and increases their flexibility.  And it adds to the body of existing research on the benefits of sports massage.

“AMTA is proud to have funded this multi-year research, focused on a group of athletes with unique physical challenges,” says AMTA President Dolly Wallace. “And, because of our support for the research, AMTA members and massage therapy were promoted by the team during their competitions for 3 years.” 

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